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Antique glass surprises

I recently put this bullion pane on top of my bookshelf so that it was out of the way as they don’t stack easily! I thought it would look good as an ornament due to the distinctive “bulge”. But in the evening I noticed the reflection of the glass ripples on the wall!

One of the reasons I like working with old glass is that I’m still surprised by the distortions, and by other features resulting from the light.

It’s not just the centre “bulge” that makes these panes interesting. It’s rare that old “plain” glass is completely plain. The ripples can be very subtle and not caught on camera. Unfortunately when I go to collect my purchases of toplight windows, the home owners have long since thrown away the lower larger windows which they thought were worthless “plain” glass. (Old British houses typically have bay windows divided into several sections.)

You don’t get this look with mass produced, modern, machine made glass. To view my full collection of bullion panes please click here.

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Shipment to Canada

Here’s a crate that safely arrived this week in Edmonton, AB (Canada).

Sometimes when I’ve finished packaging an order for shipment I think to myself, this packaging is as much a work of art as the stained glass! But here’s some of the treasure Natasha received:

Natasha says “The windows have arrived and are in perfect shape!  I think the deliveryman thinks I’m nuts!  I’m just as excited about the crate with all the activities I can do with it! Thank you so much …You made this little Canadian girl very happy!

The tracking for this is a typical example of how long delivery to North America takes via air freight. It doesn’t seem to make any difference how large the package is.

From receiving a customer’s payment it takes me a few days to package before the crate will be collected.

Combined shipping
Please always ask me for a combined shipping price, regardless of what total the cart shows. This is because the cart:

  • is not capable of computing a discount for combined shipping
  • has a quirk where if you select a listing that offers shipping but also select another which does not, it will still process your order, not making it clear that one is not eligible for shipping!
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A seasonal delivery

Here’s what Kathy did with a pair she received from me yesterday. I sent them to her home in Philadelphia. These were only despatched with DHL on 28th November*

Kathy says “Wow!! I can’t believe they are here already! This set fits even more perfectly in our space than I had pictured. Wish I had gotten home before the sun went behind the trees but I couldn’t wait to send these pics. My husband and I can’t stop smiling at them.” Actually, I think Kathy took these photos at a perfect time as she has caught the “glow” of the room which complements the surrounding seasonal decorations.

I rescued these from a house in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear (North East England)…

There are only three remaining for sale which are larger…

Click here to view the remaining A1226 windows for sale.

*For international orders I can’t guarantee a five-day arrival from despatch(!) and sometimes my packaging process takes up to three days.

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My latest paint job

I admit maintaining traditional windows and other wooden features on even a modest 1920s three-bed semi is hard work.

Ideally a new layer of paint should be applied every 5 – 10 years.

But I think it’s worth it.

Each time I’ve done this some passer-by feels it necessary to make the useful suggestion that they would do it just using a ladder. I’m of the old-fashioned opinion that if a job’s not going to be done properly then there’s no point doing it at all!

I love my traditional windows and door.


For further inspiration please visit my website

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The front exterior of my house is available for film/photo shoot location hire. It is now very difficult to find ordinary 1920s properties like this, complete with original features which have been maintained. I suggest it could be used for any period from 1920s – 1990s. Please contact me for further information.

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My mobile workshop

I cherish my Led-mobile.

When on tour collecting treasure, I sometimes work from my vehicle measuring and cleaning the stock. This saves me time so I don’t have to process when I return to headquarters. My 25 year old Toyota Estima import is just as reliable today as it was when I bought it in 2015. It’s true that “they don’t make ’em like they used to”. The seat configurations of this MPV allows me to use it as a workbench, fill the whole car with windows or accommodate children.

Incidentally the window featured in the above photo is for sale as a pair:

Pair A1460. Click here for more information.

Past adventures in the Led Mobile

Getting around London

(sv1ambo 1971 Reliant Regal Supervan III – Trotter’s car / CC BY 2.0)

Like all London based wheeler-dealers one must have an iconic form of transport. I think mine is starting to look sufficiently dated and scruffy.

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Flemish delight

Once a year I try to find time to do something related to the windows in my own house. This year I rejuvenated my front door and side window.

It was not just new paint. Look closely at the glass in the “before” photo. Three of the panes in the door and one in the side window were modern versions of flemish but I was able to have those replaced with original large flemish – it’s handy when you have your own supply! To me this was the most satisfying part of the project. Some people might refer to this glass as “deep flemish” and it can be identified by a characteristic “two finger” partial imprint.

Two fingers

As always I was meticulous with my paintwork method but preparation for glazing is important as well. I got a professional glazier to replace the glass. He spent at least an hour properly hacking/grinding out the old putty. This enables an easier fit. You might be surprised to know I’ve rarely done any of my own glazing. I like everything to be done properly which means if I start learning the associated techniques of a craft I start obsessing and spend far too long on the job – so I have stayed well clear of glazing!

I very much appreciate interesting textured glass regardless of whether it is stained – partly because I know how difficult it is to source the original in a decent cut size!

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This is what Jody did with a pair of sunbursts I sent to her in Lake Bruin, Louisiana. What I like about her photo is the “round” theme. Jody has changed the orientation from their original horizontal in situ…

Rescued from a house in Epsom, Surrey.

It never ceases to amaze me what ideas customers will come up with and is one of the reasons why I trade in this “junk”. These sunrays were very popular. You might want to look in my art deco category for more sunrays.

Here’s how I sent Jody’s pair…

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More than just coffee

Mimi recently bought some leaded lights from me, and sent me photos of their new location.

This is my favourite customer photo of those I’ve received so far this year. While I like all the photos people send me demonstrating how they use my glass in their homes (click here for the gallery), I appreciate these as they show it being reused in a public space. I particularly like this one as it captures movement in more ways than one.

Cafe Leila
1724 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

Mimi bought all of these, frameless, from my 201mm – 499mm length (8 inch – 19 inch) category and her husband made the frames. The sleek white outlines sure do stand-out to attract passing trade. This is a new business idea which the couple are exploring. You can buy these as well as coffee at Cafe Leila!

I get bored sitting in cafes and restaurants which only have expensive paintings on the walls whether classical or abstract. It frustrates me that more people don’t have the imagination to use architectural salvage as art.

Incidentally I still have two more of the purple background leaded lights from the same set as featured in Mimi’s photos.

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My visits to the USA

In the first week of December 2021 I went to Los Angeles. For the last two years there has never seemed like a good time so I thought what the hell!

I find it very hard not to work – me in my temporary office, Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles.

For the last 6 years I have felt a stronger connection to the USA as about half of my sales are to that country. This trip was mainly to see family but I never travel far without including some business. I met with one of my trade customers. It was somewhat of a surreal experience to physically see my stock for sale in another country. It gives me so much pleasure to know I have rescued something and sent it to the other side of the world where I can be sure there are people who care enough to reuse it.

I am already scheming another trip to the USA for the autumn (fall!) of 2022 which will primarily be to meet customers; in doing so I am interested to visit parts of the USA I have never been to before. Nothing is set in stone but I am thinking of arriving east coast, possibly Philadelphia. I have a customer in New Jersey so I plan to drive there from PA.

Let me know if you’re interested in a USA meeting? Perhaps you have already bought from me but thinking of buying in bulk, commissioning a bespoke piece or have not bought anything. Whatever you are looking for, sometimes its good to meet in person as I appreciate ordering valuable glass from across the Atlantic is not something you consider lightly!

What more could I possibly need? (The stained glass featured here is A1234c.)