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A tight fit but butterflies!

In my November post I showed a forest door set I was collecting. Unfortunately after driving to Castleford I found the hire van was too short for the frame. Right insert is what was left behind. Another lesson learnt! R087 frameHowever at the same house I found the below doors. The owner has since agreed to  remove ready for my return visit so that I can buy. I have never had animals in stained glass before – very hard to come by. R106 closeR107 (1)

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Help – valuation and market advice needed

R028 main I have this unusual mostly hand-painted piece of what I understand is a ‘laughing cavalier’. I have little idea of its worth and where would be the best place to market. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Note there is writing on the back

I have had some of the lead work renewed. There is one crack which I am prepared to have repaired once I am confident of its value.