… or my response to common statements!

  • Your windows look lovely but what can I do with them? Reinsert as external windows
    Internal fixtures (e.g. above a door or screen petition)
    See before and after for ideas.
  • We liked the old windows but they had to go because it was too cold and the frames were rotting.

    This is a myth the PVC double-glazing industry has peddled because they want to sell you their mass produced Putrid Vicious Crap. I used two-part filler to repair one set of windows which were not too rotten and had secondary glazing installed. In my opinion the secondary glazing was cheaper and is warmer than conventional double-glazing: come and see! If your home already has old PVC I can sell you a set of leaded panes for new frames to be made!
  • The old doors are drafty.

    Old houses need to have some ventilation. There is a scientific reason for this which a restoration specialist once told me but I can’t remember! Fact: humanity has evolved over millions of years with a bit of draft. I would rather put on a jumper and see something like this everyday:Promotional Neath
  • Do you do up old windows?

    No I restore.
  • What’s your view on dipping doors to remove the paint?
    I have limited experience of dipping my own doors but have received some which appear to have been dipped. My opinion is it depends what finish you require. If you want a rustic look or the door is to be fitted internally then it may not bother you that the chemical treatment will remove the binding glue or any filler. Having had a few internal doors dipped myself I was happy with finish though once saw a door which having been dipped had a ‘furry’ texture to the wood – weird. Handstripping a door is not without risk either. For instance if using a heat gun to remove paint be careful not to scold the wood if you are not repainting! Take care not to use too fine an abrasive when sanding down after stripping.
  • 2 thoughts on “FAQs”

    1. Kudos to you, Richard, for calling PVC by its proper name–Putrid Vicious Crap! The studies showing the link between the plasticizers in vinyl and endocrine disruption/disease ought to be enough to have us all calling it by its proper name, and calling out the industries who foist it upon us. That aside, how could plastic be compared to authentic, stained glass in a wood frame and be found to be anything but truly ugly?!
      Thanks for fighting the good fight! You’ve a kindred spirit and cheerleader in Texas!


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