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Antique glass surprises

I recently put this bullion pane on top of my bookshelf so that it was out of the way as they don’t stack easily! I thought it would look good as an ornament due to the distinctive “bulge”. But in the evening I noticed the reflection of the glass ripples on the wall!

One of the reasons I like working with old glass is that I’m still surprised by the distortions, and by other features resulting from the light.

It’s not just the centre “bulge” that makes these panes interesting. It’s rare that old “plain” glass is completely plain. The ripples can be very subtle and not caught on camera. Unfortunately when I go to collect my purchases of toplight windows, the home owners have long since thrown away the lower larger windows which they thought were worthless “plain” glass. (Old British houses typically have bay windows divided into several sections.)

You don’t get this look with mass produced, modern, machine made glass. To view my full collection of bullion panes please click here.

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