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Tis the season for suncatchers.

I have some leaded suncatchers for sale which make ideal gifts. The idea is to hang by string or a chain behind a window but some people use as stand alone ornaments in picture frames or as wall art. Prices start from £24 each including UK delivery but cost effective to buy several. For more information please go to:

Suncatcher Nov 2019 promo
Mix and match!
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The 1000th!!!

Today I am celebrating my 1000th listing!

R1000. For more info please click here.

But since I started dealing nearly ten years ago I have sold a lot more than 1000. Typically my salvaged items come in subsets. For instance a typical British 1920s three bed semi-detached house had two big bay windows at the front containing at least seven sashes, more at the back, the side landing and the surrounding door set. These are rarely removed at the same time. Therefore I reckon I have saved and distributed at least five thousand worldwide.

From when I started this website about five years ago here follows an archive of what I have saved – some would have gone in landfill. Most of the following designs I can have remade using my copy service if you reference the code:


10 traditionally made leaded light panels in double glazed encasements.