Made to order – referrals

Salvage is exciting (that’s why I got into it!) but if you are looking for an exact size then it is more realistic to have something made new.  I don’t make these as it is a skilled profession and dealing in salvage is a full-time job! My associates will have their own way of communicating design ideas with you. They will quote you a price, detail their terms and conditions and invoice you. The advice I give is general. Here are my suggested steps:

1. Your location

I would need you to tell me where you are in the UK so that I can refer you to one of my associates. None of us offer fitting or delivery for made to order hence I need to match you to the nearest associate for you to  collect.

2. The pattern

Once I have referred you to an associate it is helpful if you can reference them with an image of something you would like copied or used as the basis of a design. You could reference an image from anywhere but my website has an archive of high quality photos showing designs from all over Britain. There are hundreds to choose from; each pattern is a unique work of art which I hope will not be forgotten. Click here to view my salvage archive. My associates will be able to advise you of what glass can be used to best match the images you reference.

3. Size and shape

The size will always affect the price. It is useful if you can give an accurate size early on in the design process but whenever you are ready to confirm your size you may find my how to measure guide useful. If you require any edges to be curved then in due course you will need to supply a template unless you are certain that the space you are filling is a perfect circle.

4. Context

Tell my associate if the leaded light is going into a door or an opening window as this aspect may need to be considered to adapt/design a pattern which is robust for long-term stress and which can accommodate accessories such as support bars.

Why use one of my associates?

I have worked with all of my associates. (I used to be more involved in facilitating the bespoke orders but as my business has expanded my time to spend on this became unsustainable.)  I know their work to be of the highest quality. All of the photos in my bespoke gallery were made by my associates. Some are sole traders, others are companies with several employees: all have been apprenticed. Be wary of hobbyists offering services from their dining room table or garden shed. There are many very nice people operating in this way but who have been educated at the University of YouTube. Not only is the experience and knowledge of the tradesperson important but do they have the appropriate industrial environment to work in? This can affect the quality of the product such as sloppy solder joins and lead structures not properly designed for long-term robustness. I have learnt all this through ten years of trial and error.

My associates advise me of their workload. Therefore I can refer you to the next nearest associate if one is unavailable. There’s nothing worse than shopping around traders who don’t have the time!

Production of Andrea’s door set, R1231.