Bespoke – made new in your size.

I can have a leaded light window panel made to your exact size.

Please send me an image of something you would like copied (or used as the basis of a design) and your measurements. You may find my how to measure guide useful.

The following pages demonstrate the quality of what I have provided for previous customers and may give you ideas. Please note it is just the window panels I provide new not frames or onsite services.

COPIES (click here for latest examples)


If you are yet to identify an image you might find my archive of salvaged stock useful as some designs only work for certain sizes:

351 – 499mm max length
650mm length max (top lights)
700 – 1000mm horizontal (above door)
700 – 1000mm vertical
1 metre + vertical
1 metre + horizontal

Front doors
Internal doors

Victorian/Edwardian style (not handpainted)
Art deco