Bespoke – made new in your size.

Please send me an image of something you would like copied (or used as the basis of a design) and your measurements. You may find my how to measure guide useful. Please note it is just the window panels I provide new -no frames or fitting service.

You can supply me with an image from anywhere but the following ideas might be useful:

  1. COPIES (my archive of previous copies I have supplied)
  2. SALVAGE ARCHIVE. My archive of salvaged stock by size is useful as some designs only work for certain sizes:

351mm – 499mm length (15 inch – 19 inch)
500mm – 650mm length (20 inch – 26inch) TOPLIGHTS
700mm – 1000mm (27 inch to 39 inch) horizontal  ABOVE DOOR SIZE
700 – 1000mm (27 inch to 39 inch) vertical
1 metre + (40 inch +) vertical
1 metre + (40 inch +) horizontal

Front doors
Internal doors

Art deco
Victorian/Edwardian style (not handpainted)

3. DOOR SET DESIGNS (choose a pattern for a complete door set).

Production of Andrea’s door set, R1231.