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I already have a ‘new homes‘ page which shows off the creative ideas of customers who have purchased my stock but this one deserves a special mention on my blog. This is because the panel used by Colin from Hitchin is, in my opinion, one of the most appropriately selected for its new setting:

“I thought you might be interested to see how I used the piece of leaded stained glass I recently purchased from you. The oak door is original to the house and dates from 1926 and I have removed the top section of the door to let in the leaded light. The hall is now much less gloomy. I attached the stained glass to a frosted glass double glazed panel using bathroom translucent sealant before installing using offcuts from the bit of door I removed and sealant. I now need to renovate the finish of the door and surround.”

You will not be suprised to know that the panel Colin bought has proved very popular. I have a similar one left from the same set, R294b, which is framed and in perfect condition.

I also have several where the central motif could be extracted from broken background. This is what I have had done for one of my doors:


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