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June promotion 019It saddens me to see British pre-war housing mutilated with plastic toy windows. (For more information about why I think plastic windows are inferior please see my FAQs.) This is what started my obsession to the point that I now have hundreds of stained glass panels. I am like a foster parent rescuing neglected beauty. I give them a roof over their frames until I can find people who appreciate.

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I am based in Harrow but enjoy travelling the country to source and deliver stock. It is also flexible for childcare.

This business might sound romantic but I am up until late in the night administering my business or packaging, drive hundreds of miles and have the challenge of storing architectural salvage in one of the most expensive cities in the world for real estate.

Prior to discarding holiday pay, sick leave and a final salary pension scheme I worked for ten years in universities as a quality assurance manager and I have been through the magic doors of Stars in their Eyes!

My house is a normal 1920s semi but I have taken pride in restoring my home to its original appearance. I commissioned, like-for-like, new wooden window frames and painted the house myself.

My windows will ‘see me out’ unlike PVC (putrid vicious crap) which soon fades and needs replacing after 20-30 years.

I don’t like anything going to waste:

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Good for you! So pleased to see someone else who is sad to see all those wonderful windows and doors ripped out.

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  2. Horrible to take out such craftsmanship


  3. Karen Baker said:

    I wish I’d known about you before I had one of my exterior doors replaced! I’m in the USA (The land of the trumped….damn idiot), and your shipping is so reasonable. Your work is exquisite! You have such artistic talent, besides being a wonderful craftsman!


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