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My latest paint job

I admit maintaining traditional windows and other wooden features on even a modest 1920s three-bed semi is hard work.

Ideally a new layer of paint should be applied every 5 – 10 years.

But I think it’s worth it.

Each time I’ve done this some passer-by feels it necessary to make the useful suggestion that they would do it just using a ladder. I’m of the old-fashioned opinion that if a job’s not going to be done properly then there’s no point doing it at all!

I love my traditional windows and door.


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The front exterior of my house is available for film/photo shoot location hire. It is now very difficult to find ordinary 1920s properties like this, complete with original features which have been maintained. I suggest it could be used for any period from 1920s – 1990s. Please contact me for further information.