Two rectangular vertical clear stained glass windows, in a wall above furniture, with a view through to the next room.

Stained glass internal partitions – inspiration

Stained glass can be used for many purposes. Many of my customers have put their new purchase to great use as a solution for getting light into rooms that don’t have a natural light source – often where there is a stud wall and the room does not border with the outside of their home.

Pansy in an alcove

I shipped this beautiful pansy to Italy – doesn’t it look cosy!

A floral stained glass window, a blue pansy, inside an archway.
Carola – Rome, Italy, 2018


I shipped this colourful window to Matthew in Ontario, Canada:


I bought this set of four top lights from someone who had already removed the original frames to merge into a new frame as one but I happen to know these were from a house in Ruislip, North West London:


I shipped it to Ben in North Somerset…

Ben, North Somerset (A1454d) , 2023

Tempted by a sun burst yourself? Thinking about renovating or redecorating? See some panels currently available for sale in my sunray collection.

Matching pair

Here’s a pair of Art Deco windows I sent to Stephen in North Ayrshire, Scotland. He fitted them into an internal wall partition:

Light for a bathroom

Sue found these in my 1 metre vertical category – I got them from Epsom, South West London.

“We  bought 3 windows. We live in an old mill in Cornwall and wanted go get some natural light into an upstairs bathroom with a sloping ceiling. The windows face out into a hall and stairwell. As you can see, the outside still needs finishing and painting, an ongoing project. “

I also have a page with picture of stained glass in bathrooms.

Old becomes new

I rescued these, which include the always appealing hand painted glass and roundels, from the door of a house in Tufnell Park, London, dated 1890:

Two broken leaded stained glass containing colourful squares, painted glass and roundels

Chris found them on my fragments page and says “Please find attached a pic of what happened to the 2 broken sections I purchased. My first attempt at fixing a stained glass window. It didn’t need to be perfect as it’s between two internal rooms. Thanks Chris”:

A vertical rectangular wooden framed stained glass window including colourful squares, painted glass, roundels and a red border
Chris – Silsden, West Yorkshire, UK (S1031c), 2020


I sent Bill this pair of matching sunrays:


This big rare floral window, depicting the close-up of a foxglove…

A large oak framed floral stained glass window, three panels depicting a close up of a foxglove

is now installed in Sue’s home in Northamptonshire:

Installed in a wall, with another room in sight behind, A oak framed floral stained glass window, three panels depicting a close up of a foxglove
Sue – Northamptonshire (R122), 2016

Exploring further

There are more examples of internal windows on various other inspiration pages: Behind a kitchen sink, Entrance hall, A new use for a door, Between armchairs, A porthole between rooms, Above a bench

This is one of many pages with examples of stained glass that I have sold, now in a new home. You can see more Uses for stained glass, or to see them all, explore the links from Customer reuse ideas.

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