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The ultimate window sill ornament.

The great thing about dealing in old stained glass windows is that I can change the view from my lounge window anytime I like. That said, these things tend to hold value so if you get bored with one just sell it on! I have several of this design, with worldwide shipping or collection welcome. To view details of all please scroll down my 1 metre horizontal + category and look for set R820.

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Message to my customers in the European Union.

I can still ship to the EU! At the moment when you add an item to my checkout you will find that there is no shipping option for you. This is temporary. If there is an item you are interested in please ask me for a shipping price. This photo is of shipments despatched today!

As the UK has made the decision to create barriers with the world’s biggest free trading market (which is on our doorstep) it has meant changes in shipping price. Right now this is not as much a concern to me as the amount of time I have to spend reprogramming my website to account for revised pricing in every size category, given I have a diverse product range. I cannot do this until I am sure shipping prices have stabilised. One shipping company is setting different prices for EU countries, whereas before there was a standard price for any destination on the mainland continent and Ireland. (If there had been more notice of this trade deal then small businesses like me would have had more time to prepare…)

Apparently I now have my “sovereignty” but I would rather not have this administrative task which is at least a week’s work.

I hope you can bear with me.