Art deco / geometric

SOLD (but can be remade with similar glass in your size!)
Please send me your size and quote the code you like.


Still can’t find the right art deco panel? How about having one made to your size? R102b is an example of a set I had made for a previous customer utilising parts from old panels which were falling apart.

As you can see in the first photo some reclaimed panels fall apart when removed from rotten frames as the cement has dried out being up to 90 years old. The glass is no longer manufactured – I am determined to utilise all parts! Michael from Greenwich said “These are wonderful, they transformed our house”. I tend to agree:

Note how well the panel complements Michael’s black kitchen units – an example of how elegant leaded light panels can work without colour. This design is relatively easy to reproduce should you want me to have it made to your size using similar (new) glass.

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