Privacy statement

1. Who I am.
Richard Cann. Registered sole trader of architectural salvage and antiques. Based in Harrow, United Kingdom. Main trading platform:

2. Your data I want to retain

a) Your email address
b) Your postcode/zipcode (or name of town) and country
c) A note of particular items you have previously purchased from me, or inquired about

3. Data I will NOT retain

Your name, full postal address and telephone number.

4. What your data will be used for

a) I will email you once a month (no more) promoting my latest products. Typically stained glass window panels though in the long-term I may promote more general architectural salvage and antiques

b) The reason I wish to retain brief details of your geographical location is so that I might contact you should I be delivering to your area of the country. In this instance I would be able to deliver at an attractive price hence I believe you might want to know about this promotion.

5. Protection of your data

Your data is only for the use as stated above. I will not share your data with anyone and will take all reasonable steps to protect it.

Send me an email stating “I want to receive your monthly email and I am aware of your privacy statement”.

7. How to opt-out at a later date, having opted in

Simply send me an email stating “opt-out”. Please be sure to write from the email address I have retained or clearly state the email address you want removed.