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Multi purpose

Many times I acquire a set of salvaged stained glass windows and think to myself – they look so good as window sill ornaments there’s no way I could sell! This particular set (two of which would have been part of a Victorian pulley sash system) sit snug within the main section of my 1920s bay window.

They are not just there to look pretty. They afford privacy while I sit at my desk writing these bizarre blog posts. I find this more practical than net curtains and I can change the view. I always advise that if people get bored using these as ornaments they tend to hold value – you don’t loose money if you want to sell on.

For half of the day I have the curtains drawn as the front of my house is south facing. I think they also look good on a white background, providing external decoration.

But there will always be another pretty window in need of my rescue.

For more ideas on what you can do with old stained glass windows please go to my customer reuse page.

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