Customer salvage ideas

I can’t explain why someone would do this …

… but I hope you enjoy looking at what customers have done with salvaged window panels and doors I have rescued and sent to them. Although I believe original leaded lights should be maintained within the original properties I am pleased that they can at least be reused in the following ways.




Here’s set R931 which I sent to Tara in Virginia, USA …

… and here’s what she did!

What I like about the above photo is the contrast between new and old. Carla has mounted the window sashes exactly as I sent them – she has not repainted the frames. She also chose an art deco design which I think suits the linear arrangement of everything in the room.





Art deco June 036


Tim after photo

Tim’s new garden hut in Crystal Palace

63 Links Rd WV4 5RF (1)


Anna Horley AFTER

“I love my beautiful window and Richard was so helpful with measurements, advice and delivery – fantastic service thank you!” Anna – Horley.


R049 001


R049 sold

This window was from somewhere in the north of England and now in a rustic Latino setting! Josias’s home in Brasil, State of Minas Gerais. This is why I love dealing in reclaimed glass – selling to someone in the world who appreciates!

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