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More than just coffee

Mimi recently bought some leaded lights from me, and sent me photos of their new location.

This is my favourite customer photo of those I’ve received so far this year. While I like all the photos people send me demonstrating how they use my glass in their homes (click here for the gallery), I appreciate these as they show it being reused in a public space. I particularly like this one as it captures movement in more ways than one.

Cafe Leila
1724 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

Mimi bought all of these, frameless, from my 201mm – 499mm length (8 inch – 19 inch) category and her husband made the frames. The sleek white outlines sure do stand-out to attract passing trade. This is a new business idea which the couple are exploring. You can buy these as well as coffee at Cafe Leila!

I get bored sitting in cafes and restaurants which only have expensive paintings on the walls whether classical or abstract. It frustrates me that more people don’t have the imagination to use architectural salvage as art.

Incidentally I still have two more of the purple background leaded lights from the same set as featured in Mimi’s photos.