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This is what Jody did with a pair of sunbursts I sent to her in Lake Bruin, Louisiana. What I like about her photo is the “round” theme. Jody has changed the orientation from their original horizontal in situ…

Rescued from a house in Epsom, Surrey.

It never ceases to amaze me what ideas customers will come up with and is one of the reasons why I trade in this “junk”. These sunrays were very popular. You might want to look in my art deco category for more sunrays.

Here’s how I sent Jody’s pair…

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  1. Richard did an exceptional job packing and mailing my beautiful “suns”❤️ They are even more gorgeous than I expected and I love them. So does everyone who sees them. Right now the sunset is positioned so that it shines through them every evening!!! Extraordinary❤️❤️

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