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PayPal unhelpful seller refund policy in context of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Relatively recently PayPal implemented a policy change. It will continue not to charge sellers a fee when they refund a customer (how generous). But it will not refund the original transaction fees to the seller. I might agree that is PayPal’s prerogative but consider that in the context of the coronavirus hundreds of thousands (millions?) of transactions are going to be refunded. That means small businesses and self employed people like me will suffer while adding to the profits of PayPal. PayPal is now a separate company to Ebay but it is still the default payment method for that platform.

UK sellers pay 2.75% – 3.4% depending on whether they have a merchant account. It is higher for international sales which also include a currency conversion fee. You do the maths!

I don’t know how best to raise public awareness of this issue other than writing this blog post. Please help me to spread the word in the hope this corporation, one of the world’s biggest online payment portals, will revert its policy at least until there is some end in sight of this worldwide pandemic.

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