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Customer idea of the year 2018!

This window is actually a partition. There is another room on the other side hence the light is not natural.

Every year I announce the best customer idea. This year’s winner is Mike from Norfolk. Not because he has a “parlour house” dated to 1480 (last year’s winner was from a maisonette in North London) but due to his idea of mixing old with new.

Mike had fallen in love with these two Vicotorian/Edwardian panels I was selling which contained cut glass square on point features.

Obviously the two panels were not large enough for the space he needed to fill and he had considered having copies made to size. While I could have catered for that idea modern cut glass would not have been as nice as originals, which are hard to source. Instead he opted for a new large middle panel without the cut glass features. The result was that Mike saved himself a considerable amount of money:

I delivered the two original panels to one of my talented suppliers who ensured the lead lines of the new panel would be made to connect perfectly:

Here was the plan Mike presented to me:

I hope this tale will inspire your creative juices. I cannot take the credit. Mike had the vision and my supplier had the skill. I am merely the facilitator. Mike’s new central panel was made using antique cathedral pale tint glass which was such a good match I don’t think you can tell the difference. This glass has been used when commissioning many panels for other customers:

Please send me your size if you are interested in having a panel made.

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