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Small flemish big surprise!

This week I unwrapped this pair:

I had received as part of a job lot. When I purchased I thought the background (non coloured) glass was plain having seen poor quality photos from the seller. I thought at most I would be able to extract some nice coloured centre parts. I was delighted to find all the background pieces are small flemish!

To most people these look like tatty old window panels but to those of you who know your vintage glass you know this was discontinued from production decades ago. Common enough but hard to find in decent cut sizes. This pair contained 34 pieces in size 128 x 224mm!

It is surprises like this which maintain my addiction for dealing in salvage. Everything I buy is a gamble. If it was all lined with gold I would be rich but it would get boring.

I am selling the small flemish pieces as subsets of code S1083 which can be viewed on my small flemish page.