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The Ulrike Suncatcher

Here is a small leaded light I had made for Ulrike and sent to her in Germany:

The design was entirely Ulrike’s idea. I could have another made or the following photos I hope demonstrate how easy it is to express what you want.

Ulrike was inspired by this Edwardian cut glass glory star which she found on my website:

S973 (1)
She sent me this collage to represent the pattern she wanted but a pencil drawing is fine:

Ulrike idea 1

This enabled me to provide a price in her requested size of 350 x 300mm (mm to inches converter). Once she paid a 50% deposit I sent the star piece to my supplier who provided me with the following technical drawing which in turn I sent to Ulrike for her approval:

Ulrike template
Ulrike chose the colours she wanted by referencing stock photos from my website. She wanted hooks soldered to the top for use as a suncatcher but these can always be snapped off if she later decides to use as a window panel.

The inner packaging:

The final destination:

Ulrike found the star on my glory stars page. What could you design?

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