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Latest restoration projects

This month I have a number of doors to restore.

Here is Pete removing the panels of door set R233. They typically have cracked pieces in the corners from being slammed. When replaced the main door panel will have a supporting rod running across the centre:

These plain panel doors will be replaced with something breathtaking:

I am very excited about the new panels for the above Victorian door which will look something like these designs – particularly the painted roundels!!!

This door, R195a, is nearly ready to be listed for sale. Unfortunately I am having trouble reattaching the damn handle!!!

Earlier this month I acquired these rose panels in Crittal frames:

They are prime candidates for alteration. As the background glass (non coloured) is clear plain they can be extended without the difficulty of finding a match. We have already taken the floral pattern out of one to make another door panel for a commission.

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