CONTACT & collection

Phone: 07775 901989

For collection please note:

  • it is usually from Harrow, HA1, England – I give the full address after you have purchased as I have several storage locations in Harrow
  • I need 24 hours notice prior to your arrival
  • I don’t provide any packaging material – it is rarely necessary so long as you secure within your vehicle – usually the biggest cost of my UK shipping service is for labour and materials

Can I visit to browse your stock?

No – sorry. For various reasons I operate as an internet order business only. If you are collecting something you have purchased, there is unfortunately no facility to view the rest of my stock. Everything I have is listed on this website. Click and collect!

Please excuse any perceived inflexibility. As a one-man business with a huge variety of stock my resources, including time, are limited hence I have devised the above procedures in an attempt to operate as effectively as possible. I have written a blog post which explains the logistics involved when trading in architectural salvage!


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Monthly mailing list

Once a month I send an email which gives examples of what customers have done with stained glass I have sold them and promoting new stock. I will only do this if you send me an email stating “I want to receive your monthly email and I am aware of your privacy statement”. Here is my privacy statement (click here).


I also have a blog which is different to my “monthly mailing list”. The blog is more of a journal of my business activity. It is not exclusively about selling you products.  You are of course welcome to sign up to both!

I am on Instagram  #cannglass

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    Thanks again,

  2. HI there – I just wanted to send a quick note to say that I think what you are doing is just amazing! I came across three of these windows about 25 years ago at a small antique store in Naples, Florida. I loved the story behind them and bought three. They hang on my living room wall and are considered treasured pieces of art. Our family loves art and are fortunate enough to have a few pretty neat pieces but these windows are so touching and real. I am so glad to have stumbled across your web site! I wish you and your family a wonderful summer –
    Washington, DC

  3. Interested in R797 what is size in inches please?

  4. Recently purchased a glass panel from Richard and I am very pleased with it . Highly recommended. Roger Staff

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