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Flemish delight

Once a year I try to find time to do something related to the windows in my own house. This year I rejuvenated my front door and side window.

It was not just new paint. Look closely at the glass in the “before” photo. Three of the panes in the door and one in the side window were modern versions of flemish but I was able to have those replaced with original large flemish – it’s handy when you have your own supply! To me this was the most satisfying part of the project. Some people might refer to this glass as “deep flemish” and it can be identified by a characteristic “two finger” partial imprint.

Two fingers

As always I was meticulous with my paintwork method but preparation for glazing is important as well. I got a professional glazier to replace the glass. He spent at least an hour properly hacking/grinding out the old putty. This enables an easier fit. You might be surprised to know I’ve rarely done any of my own glazing. I like everything to be done properly which means if I start learning the associated techniques of a craft I start obsessing and spend far too long on the job – so I have stayed well clear of glazing!

I very much appreciate interesting textured glass regardless of whether it is stained – partly because I know how difficult it is to source the original in a decent cut size!

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