Favourites from latest stock!

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R131 remakes

‘B’ is actually a remake of ‘A’. I can have new panels made to your exact size using this antique catherdal pale tint glass. Just send me your size for a quote.

The above are just examples of my stock and most are available in multiple quantities. To view the full range please visit my windows and doors pages. If you can’t find the right size please consider that I can arranger to alter.

October 2015 013

“the windows arrived in order, no cracks! well ‘sealed’! a big big thank you for what you’ve done! It couldn’t have been done better! (is the grammar right? :))”, Andrea Tremolada, Italy.

3 thoughts on “Favourites from latest stock!”

  1. Tony Henry said:

    Great website


  2. WOW !!


  3. Katharina Samara said:

    Hello, Richard, I don’t think I wrote to let you know that the window arrived in Geneva in perfect condition. By the way, genius packing! We are so grateful for your patience and all the effort you put in to sizing the window and delivering it to us in Switzerland. We are keen to ask for more help from you to fill another much larger window but I feel that we were rather tough customers and you might need some breathing space before we get back to you!!! As soon as we have the window installed we will send you a photo.
    Thank you again!!!
    Katharina and Peter


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