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My visits to the USA

In the first week of December 2021 I went to Los Angeles. For the last two years there has never seemed like a good time so I thought what the hell!

I find it very hard not to work – me in my temporary office, Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles.

For the last 6 years I have felt a stronger connection to the USA as about half of my sales are to that country. This trip was mainly to see family but I never travel far without including some business. I met with one of my trade customers. It was somewhat of a surreal experience to physically see my stock for sale in another country. It gives me so much pleasure to know I have rescued something and sent it to the other side of the world where I can be sure there are people who care enough to reuse it.

I am already scheming another trip to the USA for the autumn (fall!) of 2022 which will primarily be to meet customers; in doing so I am interested to visit parts of the USA I have never been to before. Nothing is set in stone but I am thinking of arriving east coast, possibly Philadelphia. I have a customer in New Jersey so I plan to drive there from PA.

Let me know if you’re interested in a USA meeting? Perhaps you have already bought from me but thinking of buying in bulk, commissioning a bespoke piece or have not bought anything. Whatever you are looking for, sometimes its good to meet in person as I appreciate ordering valuable glass from across the Atlantic is not something you consider lightly!

What more could I possibly need? (The stained glass featured here is A1234c.)
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Another big shipment to the USA.

Last month I sent another large consignment to a trade dealer in the USA. Here’s what was in the above crates:

These were chosen from my trade category but you can also select individually listed items and ask me for a combined crate shipping price.

For a detailed commentary of how I go about packaging this sort of quantity see my July 2021 post.