None of these “copies” are exact matches if you look closely at the colour and texture of glass but are very good matches when you consider the original glass was discontinued from production decades ago.  I only contract leaded light makers who stock an extensive range of reproduction glass and what I can guarantee is the quality of craftsmanship.

Katy from Bristol wanted a door panel to replace the ugly modern glazing which a previous owner had inserted. Fortunately her nextdoor neighbour had an original. Therefore Sarah was able to provide me with the above photo (top left). Katy’s door was a slightly different size.

Lisa from Illinois wanted hooks so she could hang as a suncatcher.

Sally having recently moved into her bungalow wanted an above door size panel to match her front door.

The top right photo looks different as the customer wanted the blue diamonds replaced with red, the “original” photo was taken against a natural light background and there is a size difference.

Linda in the Scottish Highlands needed a different shape!

Alessandro’s door set.

I do not supply frames or on site fitting but in this instance the customer delivered the sash frame which I had fitted.


Louis from Tennessee wanted the colour of the central petal changed, an obscured background and a slightly different size.


Some of my customers require a copy to be made. Either to match an existing piece they own or because they have fallen in love with a design they have seen but most importantly they need an exact size.