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I already have a ‘new homes‘ page which shows off the creative ideas of customers who have purchased my stock but this one deserves a special mention on my blog. This is because the panel used by Colin from Hitchin is, in my opinion, one of the most appropriately selected for its new setting:

“I thought you might be interested to see how I used the piece of leaded stained glass I recently purchased from you. The oak door is original to the house and dates from 1926 and I have removed the top section of the door to let in the leaded light. The hall is now much less gloomy. I attached the stained glass to a frosted glass double glazed panel using bathroom translucent sealant before installing using offcuts from the bit of door I removed and sealant. I now need to renovate the finish of the door and surround.”

You will not be suprised to know that the panel Colin bought has proved very popular. I have a similar one left from the same set, R294b, which is framed and in perfect condition.

I also have several where the central motif could be extracted from broken background. This is what I have had done for one of my doors:


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Latest restoration projects

This month I have a number of doors to restore.

Here is Pete removing the panels of door set R233. They typically have cracked pieces in the corners from being slammed. When replaced the main door panel will have a supporting rod running across the centre:

These plain panel doors will be replaced with something breathtaking:

I am very excited about the new panels for the above Victorian door which will look something like these designs – particularly the painted roundels!!!

This door, R195a, is nearly ready to be listed for sale. Unfortunately I am having trouble reattaching the damn handle!!!

Earlier this month I acquired these rose panels in Crittal frames:

They are prime candidates for alteration. As the background glass (non coloured) is clear plain they can be extended without the difficulty of finding a match. We have already taken the floral pattern out of one to make another door panel for a commission.

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Richmond market pitch

Last month I went to great effort to sell at a market. It was a good opportunity to experiment with displaying treasure in a larger space. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Richmond Duckpond market 29 May 2016 003

Richmond Duckpond market 29 May 2016 027
R199d (botton) R211 (top)
Richmond Duckpond market 29 May 2016 010
Veronica the peacock (R206) was the showpiece luring the punters with her flirtatious feathers.

Richmond Duckpond market 29 May 2016 008Richmond Duckpond market 29 May 2016 011Richmond Duckpond market 29 May 2016 004

Richmond Duckpond market 29 May 2016 002
Last minute preparations.
Richmond Duckpond market 29 May 2016 033
Amazingly nothing broke.
Me with my apprentice worker.
Me with my apprentice worker! (I would be stuffed without Brian’s help.)




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Roadshow itinerary!

promo roadshow harriet 007Not long to go, next week (29 – 31 March) I am travelling London to Glasgow delivering to customers and buying treasure!

So far the plan is London to Gainsborough, Leeds, Glasgow and back via Manchester but that order will no doubt change as new opportunities arise. This is why I love dealing in lead lights: you never know what will happen!

This morning sealed a deal to buy this art deco treasure in Glasgow!!!