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A tight fit but butterflies!

In my November post I showed a forest door set I was collecting. Unfortunately after driving to Castleford I found the hire van was too short for the frame. Right insert is what was left behind. Another lesson learnt! R087 frameHowever at the same house I found the below doors. The owner has since agreed to  remove ready for my return visit so that I can buy. I have never had animals in stained glass before – very hard to come by. R106 closeR107 (1)

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Help – valuation and market advice needed

R028 main I have this unusual mostly hand-painted piece of what I understand is a ‘laughing cavalier’. I have little idea of its worth and where would be the best place to market. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Note there is writing on the back

I have had some of the lead work renewed. There is one crack which I am prepared to have repaired once I am confident of its value.



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Upcoming treasure!

Here is a sneak preview of some glass I am collecting next month from Castleford. It will be the biggest, most extravagant, set I have ever acquired. It has at least four breaks but will be rushed to the emergency room (my kitchen island) where the talented Dr Mandy will operate.R087 mainHopefully it will be ready for sale by Christmas – ideal stocking filler!


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Treasure hunting for windows – October 2015 travels

I thought I’d use my first blog post to give an idea of the lengths I go to when buying and selling beautiful reclaimed leaded stained glass, and offer a sneak preview of new stock.

R030 Bristol sun ray top lights

R031 Widnes Art decoNext week I am doing a 600 mile round trip. The theme is very much art deco sunray! I am collecting this treasure from a man in Bristol who, God knows why, has ripped out of his house and these gems in Liverpool reclaimed by a window fitter.

R032 round floralI am excited to be acquiring my first round window. It has two broken fragments which I will have repaired.


R018a close opener 002


I’m also delivering this window to a retired lady in Sheffield who restores houses. I had 16 of these windows to start – they are proving to be my most popular top lights. From a house in Leigh-On-Sea, typical of seaside houses where the toplights are this size and of such intricate beauty.