Cream kitchen cabinets, with a white framed stained glass window in the wall beside.

Kitchens with stained glass – inspiration

Whether you eat in the kitchen, or only cook there, having your meals in a separate dining room, you can install stained glass windows for a beautiful view. This page is one of the examples of Rooms with stained glass that my customers have created when decorating or renovating the inside of their homes.


The fleur-de-lis is an iconic heraldic charge and Ulrike chose this design for her kitchen window:

The red colour in this window is distinctive. Have a look through the currently available windows with red glass in.

Between sets of shelves

This colourful window, originally from Willenhall, near Wolverhampton, crossed the Atlantic to find a new home in Patti’s kitchen in Canada:

Striking colours

I acquired a set of these unusual windows in Staindrop, Darlington, when on a busman’s holiday with my wife:

A wooden framed rectangular stained glass window A geometric design in blue, orange and pink

Khristi chose one for her kitchen and I shipped it to her in Maryland, USA:

Khristi – Maryland, USA (A1536), 2023

Blue is often a colour in high demand among stained glass enthusiasts. See windows currently in stock that include this colour (you can also use the filters to choose a different colour – there are many!).

A new use for a door

I rescued this top half of a door from Grays, South East England:

A floral stained glass window, in red, purple, green and yellow, in a white wooded frame.

Hamidah installed it in this kitchen wall in Torquay:

Cream kitchen cabinets, with a white framed stained glass window in the wall beside.
Hamidah – Torquay, UK (A1242b), 2023

A stained glass room divider

Melanie placed these two windows, selected from a set rescued in Newcastle-under-Lyme, in her home in Cornwall. A nice way to create a bit of separation between kitchen and living room. Note how the glass matches the cafetière!

Melanie – Cornwall (A1265), 2022

Have a look through my Art Deco category for similar currently available windows.

A kitchen diner with a difference

Carol bought two windows from me, one of which I rescued from a house in Orpington, South West London:

A white wooden framed stained glass window, featuring a purple, green and yellow plant, surrounded at the bottom by blue.

…and I shipped them to her in California, to add to the décor in her kitchen diner:

A dining table and chairs, in front of windows, two of which have differing white wooden framed stained glass windows hanging in them. In the foreground is a kitchen with cooker, including oven and hob and hanging saucepans.
Carol – Bakersfield, CA, USA. (A1385, R1088a), 2023

A kitchen door

This window was originally from a house in Bristol. Andreas added it to his kitchen door in Germany:

A kitchen with a wooden door, with a stained glass window integrated into the top part of it.
Andreas – Germany (R636), 2021

A beautiful view with breakfast

Mimi chose these striking windows as a feature for her California breakfast nook:

I have such a varied range of glass coming through – the Abstract and other styles page is a good place to look for unusual windows.

Dining with a sea view

Theresa selected a set of five of these windows from my floral category:

Leaded stained glass red rose pattern in a white top light bay window frame

…and installed them above the blinds in her dining room in Oxnard, California. What a view!

A dining table and sideboard surround by windows and a bright day outside, with a view of the sea. At the top of each of the five windows is a top light stained glass window, with a focus on a rose.
Theresa – Oxnard, CA, USA (A1395), 2023

Here’s a link to my page with top light windows for sale, filtered to sets of four or five windows, to provide ideas on what you could attend to your kitchen or dining room.

Exploring further

This is one of many pages with examples of stained glass that I have sold, now in a new home. You can see more Rooms to put stained glass in, or to see them all, explore the links from Customer reuse ideas.

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