A dining table and sideboard surround by windows and a bright day outside, with a view of the sea. At the top of each of the five windows is a top light stained glass window, with a focus on a rose.

Rooms to put stained glass in – inspiration

My customers place leaded stained glass windows in rooms all over their houses, as eye-catching decoration or sometimes replacing previous windows.

This is one my Customer reuse ideas pages, with a peek into interior design in Kitchens and dining rooms, Living rooms, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Stairwells and Hallways, providing examples of how you could integrate these beautiful antiques into your home.

Kitchens, dining rooms and kitchen diners

A kitchen sink in wooden worktop, above a dishwasher and cupboard. Pans hanging to the side. Behind the sink is an intricate wooden framed stained glass window with patterns in squares, diamonds and circles
Laura, Pembroke, Wales (A1216a), 2022

The room in which we cook our food and eat our food is sometimes the same, and sometimes a separate location. I have examples of various configurations of kitchens and dining rooms, including before and after photos, on the Kitchens with stained glass page.

Living rooms

Two pairs

It’s interesting to see a combination of windows that I rescue from different places and which my customers select and put together, in this case a sun burst and a rose:

The new home for these two pairs, hanging in the windows, adds to the views of the Colorado skyline:

A room with big sash windows, foregrounded by chests of drawers and plants. In each of the four windows hangs a wooden framed stained glass windows, two sunbursts and two flowers, roses.
Kristine – Louviers, Colorado, USA (A1371, A1282y), 2023

Natural colours

Kev bought these opaque windows which I had photographed vertically, and turned them on their side to go behind his sofa:

The diamond focus in the windows goes well with the natural colours outside in this photo.

Between armchairs

The window below, with a rose as the focal point, was originally from Bournemouth. It stayed in the UK and has a new home in Norfolk:

A porthole between rooms

Isn’t this a great use for a round window – a view from one room to another. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the glass isn’t completely clear – the circular centre is rippled, unlike the panes around the edges:

A living room with sofa, cabinet and curtains. A rectangular window in the wall, with a big stained glass circle, shows the view to another room behind.
Dave – near Hastings, UK, 2017

I have more circular windows coming in occasionally – have a look at the Round window category to see what’s currently for sale.


A bathtub, with decorative wooden bath tray resting on top, against a wooden wall with curtain in the corner. A fitted window with a wooden framed stained glass window hanging in it. It is light outside.
Suzanne – Ontario, Canada (A1360a), 2022

I’ve received so many photos of my customers’ bathrooms, that I couldn’t resist creating a separate Bathrooms page to show them all off.


I have a few examples of people using stained glass to decorate and provide light in bedrooms:

Blue and yellow ribbons

Unframed stained glass window. Two blue ribbons at the side, connected by red roundels to a yellow linking ribbon.
A stained glass window, in blue, yellow and red, about a bed.
Tony – Penzance, UK, (R447a) 2017

A combination of old and new

There’s quite a story to Mike’s partially remade window…

A big stained glass window of alternating coloured squares, with a bed and chest of drawers on either side, and a light in front.
Mike – winner of “customer idea of the year 2018!”

…read all about it in my Customer idea of the year 2018 blog post.

Deb’s bedroom

Don’t these windows, on either side of this beautiful bed, look great:

Have a peek at the Furniture section of the Uses for stained glass page, to see an innovative stained glass headboard.


A tall divider

This tall window was originally a side panel to a front door in Salt, East Sussex:

A tall wooden framed stained glass window, in three sections, in blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

It’s now a unique internal stairwell room divider in Florida, USA:

A stairway with three stairs ahead, turning a corner to the right. A tall wooden framed stained glass window, in blue, yellow, green and red, splits the second step
Rob, Florida, USA (R264b), 2019

For similar tall windows currently for sale, have a look through my 1 metre + (40 inch +) vertical page.

An unusual bannister

This barrier at the top of a set of stairs is pretty amazing!

Climbing the stairs

This floral window is a classic top light – the kind I come across quite often – nice, but not hugely unusual. That is, until it gets paired some other windows and they’re used to decorate a stairwell – doesn’t this look great!?

A view at the top

And here’s another great example of stained glass in a stairwell – three identical floral windows in the same frame:

Hallways and doorways

Entrance hall

Isn’t this a wonderful site on entering a house!

Up high

There is so much to look at in this window I sold to Mary in Cornwall – a real mixture of different types of textured and coloured glass:

An intricate white wooden framed stained glass window, with a green roundel surrounded by purple in the centre and a blue border.

I don’t know that this is actually a hallway, but it feels like it could be…

A room with furniture, including a mirror on the wall. Above, and to the right of an open doorway is an intricate stained glass window in green, pink, yellow, blue and red
Mary – St Ives Bay, UK (R226b), 2017

Geometric windows like this vary so much, but I have a nice range of them available.

Above a bench

I imagine this to be a room where you might sit down to take off your shoes and coat when arriving home. (I might be wrong!):

Three stained glass windows with pendants, high above a wooden bench seat.
Jon – Northampton, UK, 2017

Window integrated into a door

I delivered this old sash window to Paula in Westgate-on-Sea, and she put it in her door!

A floral door insert

Susie inserted a floral window into the top panel of this door:

A closed white wooden door with a floral red and green stained glass window inserted into the top panel.
Susie – Chichester, UK, 2017

Exploring further

I’m wondering if there are new locations I haven’t seen yet? How about a laundry room? Or an airing cupboard filled with sheets and towels? Browse through the windows by style, and see what inspires you.

This is one of many pages with examples of stained glass that I have sold, now in a new home. To see them all, explore Customer reuse ideas.

I add new treasure to my website regularly, in various categories. Explore the categories on the homepage and sign up to my mailing list for occasional curated updates.

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