A room with tables and chairs, a corrugated metal roof, multiple windows of different styles, including two floral stained glass windows. A view of a tree and lawn outside.

Porches with stained glass – inspiration

Porches and verandas are a part of houses, but on the outside, a location that is both house and garden, or yard. They can be open to the elements, or enclosed to some extent. One way to enclose or decorate a porch is to include stained glass windows. My customers have had some great ideas for the use of stained glass outside, and here are a few porch and veranda pictures to inspire you.

Sunbursts in the sunshine

I rescued these sunray top lights from a house in Hounslow, West London. You can’t really see the colour in the original in situ photo, and while my photo on a white background shows clearly what the window looks like, it isn’t one with real sunlight shining through:

But when I sent the set to Tara in West Virginia, she made amazing use of them on her porch.

If you’d like to do something similar, or put your own spin on it, browse the sunray windows I currently have for sale.

Window and door

I collected this floral window from a house in Woodford, North East London:

A white wooden framed vertical rectangular floral red, green, blue and orange stained glass window, bordered in yellow

And sold it to Elizabeth in Gloucester:

A vertical rectangular red and green floral stained glass window, bordered in yellow, embedded between two white wooden pillars in a porch, at a right angle with a white wooden front doo with a yellow and green floral window.

A sun room

Li ordered this pair of linking pattern floral windows, and I sent them to Oregon:

Two floral white wooden frames stained glass windows, with a pattern of blue flours and green leaves flowing between the two windows.

Quite a variety of windows here – a great place for a meal:

A room with tables and chairs, a corrugated metal roof, multiple windows of different styles, including two floral stained glass windows. A view of a tree and lawn outside.
Li’s patio/sunroom – Oregon, USA (R1018b), 2019

A boat on the water

Stained glass art with features such as a boat are always in high demand. Pamela made great use of this one:

Windows with boats in can be like ships in the night (get it?), but I usually have some in stock. Look at my ships page for current availability, or perhaps the scenic category more generally might also interest you.

A floral cottage entrance

Carrol made great use of these two flowers, on either side of her front door, a perfect border between house and garden:

Carrol, UK (R249), 2021

New glass in an original door

While this isn’t a porch, it is the entrance to a house, and I thought it fitted well here!

Colin said: “I thought you might be interested to see how I used the piece of leaded stained glass I recently purchased from you. The oak door is original to the house and dates from 1926 and I have removed the top section of the door to let in the leaded light. The hall is now much less gloomy. I attached the stained glass to a frosted glass double glazed panel using bathroom translucent sealant before installing using offcuts from the bit of door I removed and sealant.” This was such a good use of the glass that I wrote an early blog post about it.

American porch

I’m fascinated with the American phenomenon of the wrap around porch. In little England this is less common and far less likely that we would sit out on a rocking chair overlooking a “yard”. Here Laura has truly blended Anglo/American architecture:

The sun burst in Laura’s glass is quite unusual. See windows in a similar style currently available for sale in my sunrays collection.

ritish veranda

Having said that wrap around porches of the style common in American are unusual in the UK, here is an example of stained glass used in an English verand. Isn’t this beautiful!

A intricated white veranda, featuring an Art Deco stained glass window.
Georgie’s Victorian veranda – Taunton, UK (R517a), 2017

Exploring further

This is one of many pages with examples of stained glass that I have sold, now in a new home. You can see more Stained glass outdoors and in gardens, or to see them all, explore the links from Customer reuse ideas.

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