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After 2 years of helping people to source windows I am treating myself. These were delivered yesterday to replace my landing and bathroom windows. Hardwood again. Three years ago I had the upstairs front windows changed in the same way. I have waited 7 years for this.

The original landing toplight panels are having their edges releaded and for the bathroom window I have commissioned for this old panel to be completely remade with opaque glass to replace the clear. I saved this panel for myself from a set of about 15 which sold like hot cakes. Acquired from a house in Liverpool. Final photos will not be ready for a long time as my usual perfection to paintwork will be applied!

Above diamond photo is the blue hammered glass which is rare and of course no longer made. Fingers crossed it will not break – this is always a risk when taking old panels apart.

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Floral and geometric pieces

As August is a quiet time I have been dismantling some broken old panels extracting the centre pieces for anything of value. This makes shipping a lot cheaper for those who only want broken panels for the parts. Here is an example:

s499d.jpg R610 (2)

As you can see I have removed the heart from the panel (top left) and I am now offering it within a set of 5 other pieces, S610. The background glass (non coloured) is also offered in scraps as S449f. The lead does not get wasted either I will eventually take it to a scrap yard.

This will not earn me very much money perhaps not even worth my time but I can’t stand to see it go to waste. Please visit my scraps page for more!