Large orders – international trade.

If you only want 1-3 small windows or one door then please see my small orders shipping page.

For medium orders (which I consider to be up to about 50 top light panels or 25 large panels) here follows some examples of how my shipper packages. Note all have a custom made wooden box.

Example of packaging by my shipper. Custom made box with bubble wrap and foam inbetween. Note the box has been designed so that a larger window can lay across the smaller six.


Ultimately the cheapest method would be for you to have your own 20 foot shipping container. This is not something I am usually prepared to arrange but I am very happy to deliver to your England based shipper however large or small your order. Shipping companies will charge a premium to collect your items usually by outsourcing to a courier company who will not take the care that I do.

The great thing about a shipping container is if you want to spread your investment then stained glass panels and doors fit nicely inbetween furniture. There is an English antique furniture dealer I know who regularly packs containers. Were you looking to spend at least £10,000 and are prepared to buy some furniture as well as stained glass then I can put you in touch with him to arrange the shipment.

Most international buyers will opt to have the container delivered to their nearest sea port and make their own arrangements for transferring to final destination – always the cheaper option.


If you have never done this before  I appreciate it is a huge outlay but in the long-term you would be making a bigger saving. You may also want to visit me. I am only 35 minutes from London Heathrow Airport! Touring the UK buying antiques is great fun and the British pound is currently very low against most currencies!!!

The above packaging images are of the main shipping company I use for medium sized orders: Pack and Send Harrow. You can ask me to obtain a price from them for you but are also welcome to make contact directly for any shipping requirement – but please reference me!


*Terms of insurance if you purchase it through me:

1. When the crate arrives you must sign the courier’s declaration that you are satisfied with the condition. I will send you photos of the packaged crate for you to compare on arrival. You are not expected to check the contents while courier waits but to check there are no obvious signs of damage to the crate.

2. Any claim for damage to stained glass panels is to be made to me within 5 days of crate being delivered as recorded on the tracking.

3. Photographic evidence is required.