In my opinion the front door is the statement piece of a house.

R195a. SOLD

Although I have stopped dealing in doors (for various reasons!) I still want to help you acquire a statement piece. You may find when searching classified listings for salvaged doors that they require a completely new leaded glass panel. This is where I come in! Just send me an image of something you would like copied (or used as the basis of a design) and your measurements so that I can provide a price using my bespoke service. Here are some tips when searching for a salvaged door:

  • Even if the glass has no damage be sure that the lead structure is robust. After decades of being slammed and exposed to the elements these things can be delicate – it’s not just about how pretty the glass looks! Often private sellers (and dealers) will photograph stained glass in direct sunlight which silhouettes everything around the glass – in my opinion this is misleading.
  • If the window section is curved and  you want a new one made you will have to provide me with a template (made of wood or hardboard) unless it is a complete circle.
  • I am often asked if I have anything salvaged that would fit a door.  I don’t source reclaimed door panels as individual items for reasons as detailed above. Even if I managed to source in good condition the chances of them being to your size and style are unlikely.
  • It is inadvisable to simply transfer something designed for a static window into a door. A door panel needs to be made to size enabling the lead lines to be designed in a way which provides a robust structure.
  • I don’t provide a fitting service – just supply.
  • It is unlikely I am willing to do repairs of an existing window panel. Please click here for further information about repairs.
  • Don’t seek a door from salvage if you are obsessed with whether or not it is warped. Instead commission a new one to be made. It is very hard to tell if a door is warped until it is fitted. Salvaged doors can be 100 years old; it is unrealistic that they may not be a bit warped. In any case old houses need to breathe – not be hermetically sealed!

These panels can remade with similar glass in your size!

Here follows some examples of door panels I have supplied to previous customers.