Large orders – international trade.

Buying in bulk will be cheaper. By “bulk” I mean in the hundreds.


Ultimately the cheapest method would be for you to have your own 20 or 40 foot shipping container. This is not something I arrange but for an agreed fee I am happy to deliver to your England based shipper however large or small your order. Just let me know where in England it is? Or I can be very flexible if you want to arrange for your shipper to collect from me.

The great thing about a shipping container is if you want to spread your investment then framed stained glass windows fit conveniently inbetween antique furniture.

Most international buyers will opt to have the container delivered to their nearest sea port and make their own arrangements for transferring to final destination – always the cheaper option.

If you have never done this before  I appreciate it is a huge outlay but in the long-term you would be making a bigger saving.

Thinking outside of the box/crate

Could you partner with another trader in your country so that you could split the cost of a shipping container? Find a shipping port which is of equal distance to you both?

Stack  ’em  high!

My huge selection of sashes in a maximum length of 650mm (click here to view) are ideal for international shipping because they are a good size for stacking, cheaper and are easier for me to source.

I will also offer a discount if you in bulk.

Examples of the contents of previous bulk shipments: