1920s / 1930s


I can have R249 made to your size. The one pictured was size 63 x 72cm. R249 is made by using some of the coloured glass from these old windows:


The Jacksons identified the centre part from a set of windows I had (second photo) and Pete utilised the parts to make new panels. The Jacksons chose a blue border to match the central motif. Note the door panel is curved. It was made having taken a template of the old panel which was in the door. Although I have no more of the original central motif glass we can identify similiar modern glass if you wanted this design.


Here’s another idea. I have several of these old toplight panels which make a bold centre piece for a door panel:

The cost for above sized door panel £300 (not including fitting). Note every door panel I have showed you has a double border with a colour on the inside. This gives a ‘floating’ effect.