From a house in Fulham, London, dated 1886. Victorian panels in such good condition as this are rare.

I have six remaining from photo on left. The set price for all six is £630 but can be sold separately as indicated below.

R616a. £140 each. Total: 2.
Frame 77.7 x 57.1 x 5cm, glass 49 x 69cm, 7kg.
One has a small chunk of wood missing in corner of frame. The other has a cracked border piece but glass intact.

Some can be vertical or horizontal

R616c. £120 each. Total: 2
Frame 57.4 x 66.2 x 5cm, glass 48.3 x 57.2cm, 6kg.
In one of the windows there is a small red piece cracked but glass intact.

R616d. £90 each. Total: 2
Frame 48.3 x 67.2 x 5cm, glass 40 x 59cm, 6.5kg.
Both windows are only slightly bowed but not possible to see in photos. In one window the bottom of the frame has rot and there are two red pieces which are cracked but intact. In the other window there is some dry rot in top corner of frame and one red piece is cracked but glass intact.

As mentioned above there are the odd fragments of small glass which are cracked but intact. Amazing that these are the only blemishes for panels 131 years old!

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