(Only 8 left from main photo.)

Six in size: frame 41.8 x 48.9 x 4.5cm, glass 33 x 40cm, 2.5kg.

Two in size: frame 42 x 52.7 x 4.5cm, glass 33 x 44.5cm, 3kg. 1 has a panel which is half loose from frame.

£22 each.

To send all eight to your door in the USA, the total price including shipping would be about $538.68 (I will check currency exchange when issuing your invoice so may be a bit different. My ref: £402.80). The more you buy effectively the cheaper shipping is! See my international shipping page.

Not to your size?

Consider having one remade to your size. Here are two I had remade for a customer:

The customer wanted clear glass for the background but it can be done in opaque. Depending on your size more interest could be produced by adding a border – you choose the colour! Please let me know your size so that I can provide a price.

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