a) TWO frame 53.7 x 46.9 x 4.8cm, glass 43 x 37cm, 3.5kg
b) TWO frame 53.1 x 46.5 x 4.8cm, glass 43 x 37.5cm, 3.5kg
c) FOUR frame 43.4 x 46.8 x 4.8cm, glass 32.5 x 37cm, 3kg
d) TWO frame 53.6 x 36.4 x 4.8cm, glass 43.5 x 26.5cm, 2.5kg
e) TWO frame 35 x 46.2 x 4.8cm, glass 24.5 x 36.2cm, 2.5kg
f) TWO* frame 43.4 x 36.2 x 4.8cm, glass 32.2 x 26.5cm, 2.5kg

*One has a tiny crack in red but glass intact – see final photo.
£18 each. Total 15

To send all 15 to your door in the USA, the total price including shipping would be about $778.20 (I will check currency exchange when issuing your invoice so may be a bit different. My ref: £739.54). The more you buy effectively the cheaper shipping is! See my international shipping page.

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