R270 remake

I can have this art deco panel made to order. In size 340 x 650mm as shown below the cost would be £270 but for a quote do send me your size and, if you require shipping, your postcode.

The panel photographed above is made mostly from glass which stopped being manufactured decades ago. Your reproduced panel would be made using glass in similar colours but not in texture and I do not supply a frame. The glass used will be selected from what the glazier I am commissioning has spare or can order. Samples will be shown to you prior to the requirement of a deposit.

I originally had 15 of these panels from a house in Liverpool. As you can imagine they sold like hot cakes! Below is another panel I had made to a customer’s size from the same set. This double design can also be recreated. The other difference from the above photo is that most of the background glass (non coloured) is clear rather than obscured – an option for you to choose.

Here is the house in which the original glass panels were taken from:

The premium for making a new panel is for traditional English stained glass craft, and drawing a geometric design from scratch is not simple. The cost of lead and new glass is always rising. While this may not be an option for you I hope this politely demonstrates that the reclaimed panels I have for sale on this website are relatively cheap in comparison.