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Not sold separately.

General condition of both.
I suggest these should only be used as rustic themed ornaments due to the deteriorated lead structure and damaged glass. I don’t recommend removing from frames as these could be all that is keeping the leaded panels together. Due to the fragile nature of these I will not accept responsibility if the condition is worsened in transit if you choose the shipping option. Collection is always welcome!

There is a slight variation in frame size.

Frame a) photos 2 – 9
frame width 561mm. frame height including tails 814mm, excluding tails 741mm. Frame depth 47mm.
Glass 462 x 618mm.
Mm to inches converter.
Weight: 7kg
Specific condition: four damaged pieces of glass (3 are minor cracks – one is significant). See all photos.

Frame b) photos 10 – 19
frame width 546mm. Frame height including tails 778mm, excluding tails 705mm. Frame depth 40mm.
Glass 467 x 630mm.
Mm to inches converter.
Weight: 6kg.
Specific condition: one of the wooden frame joints is loose. The leaded panel is slightly bowed and four damaged pieces of glass (all minor cracks with exception of a green piece.) See all photos.

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