A1482a. SOLD


Each pane is 129mm (width) x 134mm (height)
Mm to inches converter.

Weight of all glass: 5.1kg

Rescued from a house in Leeds. The original leaded light with its border measured 950mm x 850mm. See final photo before I deconstructed but this listing is only for the glass as shown in image one!

You could remake it to the original size, make it smaller by trimming something off the edges or a bit larger by adding glass to the outer border? This is an idea for making your own leaded light using interesting glass which is no longer in production. The fact that it has been deconstructed means that you can receive it at a low shipping price – if you don’t want to collect. This listing is aimed at several people. You:

  • might not want to remake it yourself but could show it to a leaded light maker to obtain a price – I could ship directly to the person you hire to remake it
  • are a leaded light maker wanting to show this option to a customer  – the pattern has already been designed so this could save time regarding the design process, let alone glass cutting!
  • are someone who is learning to make leaded lights so would like some nice glass to experiment with rather than the usual fodder of cheap modern glass on the market.

Please be advised I only sell glass sets like this if I have already identified, for one of several reasons, why I would rather sell in this way. I won’t deconstruct anything already listed which has not been deconstructed. Deconstructing takes time and there is the risk of breakage in the process. 

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