alteration promo harriet 012If you cannot find a window which matches the dimensions of your aperture then it is often possible to have a panel made bigger or smaller. I am fortunate to have a pool of glaziers who work this magic for me!

Here are examples of how we might alter a panel you like:

In the after picture only the gold centre piece is from the original panel. Pete has changed the background glass (non coloured) because it would be near impossible to source a sufficient match to make wider as a lot of the old glass is no longer manufactured.

Mandy added a red border to increase the width but look closely. The height has also been altered by reducing the size of the second row from the top.

As you can see with the next example sometimes the ‘alteration’ is more accurately described as a new panel:

The before window was one of hundreds from my toplights collection which the customer chose for inspiration. All that was resused was the coloured glass everything else is new giving a much stronger structure than anything you would find in this size that was up to 90 years old! Another place which is good to source ideas is my broken windows page as cheaper to take the central motif out of windows where the surrounding glass is damaged.

Click here for more examples of previous alterations!